Don’t Have a Job? Don’t Panic—Yet!


For most of us, the upcoming weeks of spring semester are when the job search bursts out of nowhere, and you find yourself in a sudden panic over your undetermined future. Resumes are flying off printers, and you’re begging everyone you know to be a reference. You’re filled with questions: What do I want to do? Am I even qualified for this job? How much should I get paid?

Trust me: We’re going through the same thing.

This isn’t like anything we’ve ever done before. Most of us have applied to internships and part-time jobs, when there was only a little pressure to have experience and make some summer cash. But there is a reason they call it the job hunt: We focus and use every trick we know to make ourselves look as good as possible in person and on paper.

It starts as a question from family members and friends: “Have you started looking for a job?” The casual reply of “not yet” is no big deal, until you start to wonder, “Should I be?” Soon enough, you find yourself surrounded by stacks of cover letters that are only slightly different from each other, applications for jobs you don’t even know if you qualify for, and a dozen different Safari tabs with information on each company you’re considering.

But here’s the thing …

… We still have plenty of time. It’s only February, and graduation is still a comfortable three months away, giving us weeks to figure out where we want to start and how to get there. If you haven’t started planning yet, it’s okay. Nichols College faculty and staff understand what you’re going through, and they want to help. It’s even encouraged to reach out to your professors with questions and concerns, and to let them reassure you that you’re going to be successful.

I applied for my first full-time position only a couple days ago, and I never stopped second-guessing myself. I asked friends, coworkers, and more than one professor to read my cover letter, review my resume, and double check my LinkedIn profile. When I finally typed the email, complete with attached resume and professional profile, I couldn’t bring myself to hit the “send” button. In that moment, I realized it was real and that this was a defining step in my developing career.

In the end, I sent the email, and the world didn’t blow up; I made my first move toward planning life after graduation. At the end of the day, you should know that it’s normal to worry about life-changing events, and the only thing you can do to hurt your chances is to be unprepared.

Remember, if you have any questions about the application and hiring process, the Nichols College Career and Professional Development Center will help you through every step.



Nichols College has the opportunity to be chosen for NBC Today show’s 3rd annual Rokerthon segment, hosted by TV personality and weatherman Al Roker.

For his Rokerthon competition this year, Rocker will visit college campuses across the country to help them break a Guinness world record of their choosing– and Nichols College is entering the challenge!

Goal: Get as MANY Nichols students, faculty, and staff to participate in the pep rally. Footage from the pep rally will be used in a video pitch to Roker.

Where: Academic Building

When: Thursday, February 15 @ 3:45PM

Here’s what the Nichols College campus community needs to do: WEAR GREEN ON WEDNESDAY and attend the pep rally!

If and WHEN we show Al Roker all our school pride, a video featuring the pep rally will be submitted to the Rokerthon challenge and Roker will choose a handful of colleges to attempt to set a new Guinness world record and be broadcast live on the Today Show on NBC.

Bison, this is YOUR chance to be a part of a campus-wide pride event that shows our school spirit! So get your green and join us for the opportunity to break a world record, be on national television (hopefully!), and have fun while doing it!

To spread even more awareness of Nichols bison pride, tweet and Instagram photos from the pep rally to @TODAYshow and @alroker using the trending hashtags #Rokerthon and #RokeronTheHill.

We can’t wait to see everyone on Thursday showing off your bison pride!

Welcome Back Bison!


During the first week back on campus the Social Programing Board (SPB) hosted a food crawl. The series of events were held Tuesday, January 17 through Saturday, January 21. It was a good opportunity to get people involved and back into routine as we begin second semester! As an incentive, if a student attended all of the events, they would receive a free tee shirt on the last day!

Each night was a different theme, from grilled cheese to tacos followed by the last day having bouncy houses in the field house! There were all different kinds of blow up bouncy house activities where students had the opportunity to bounce and race with their fellow students.

Aside from the food crawl, many other events also took place. There was a bingo night, an event hosted by SPB, which had a really great turnout. A trivia night also took place with President Engelkemeyer as the competition; many students had the experience of playing trivia against her! “The president stumped quite a few students. But some were able to beat her and win bookstore prizes,” said Junior Erica Sullivan. Another event that was enjoyed by many was mystical night. Mystical night took place on Friday and there were all sorts of things to do. From making bamboo plants, to meditating, to enjoying chocolate covered strawberries.

SPB had so many great events to choose from all week long! These events were quite popular and fun for all. Sophomore, Savannah Taylor said, “it was nice to have a treat and a fun activity to go with it; the first week back isn’t as busy as the rest of the semester so it was fun having different things to do with my friends!” Many students felt this way, including Sophomore Marissa Piedmont, who states “SPB always plans fun events. It is nice to know there is always something going on around campus!” A huge thank you goes out to our Social Programing Board for making the first week back on campus fun filled and delicious!

It is not just the first week of the semester that there are fun things to do on campus. All throughout the semester you’ll find events and activities from trivia nights to speakers to BisonFest. There are so many different ways to get involved here at Nichols College!

Jenna McAssey is a Nichols College sophomore majoring in criminal justice and psychology. She interns for the Nichols Office of Marketing and Communications.


Produced by the Bison for the Nichols College Community