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Junior PDS

Nichols offers a four-year Professional Development Seminar to help prepare yourself for life after college. At first when I heard about this class I didn’t think it was very necessary. When told about it freshman year it was all about time management and how to properly adjust to college. To my surprise, without this class [...]

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PDS-Career and Internship Fair

There was a lot of preparation going into the career and internship fair. For the past two weeks my PDS class has been reviewing all the ways to be successful during the fair. Mainly my professor focused on how to present yourself and what to say to the recruiter to make yourself look good. What [...]

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Bison Shuttle Schedule

The Bison Shuttle is up, running, and ready to take you away! Contact Beth Gionfriddo, Assistant Director of The Center for Student Involvement, with any questions: or 508-213-2113. Boston Saturday, March 8th – 10:00am – 6:00pm   Shuttle to Worcester Train Station Friday, March 14th – TBD   Shuttle from Worcester Train Station to [...]

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PDS- Elevator Speech

In preparation for the upcoming career fair, this week we were asked to present our elevator speeches. For those of you that are not familiar with an elevator speech, it is a pitch you would give to a potential employer to market yourself for a job. At first when hearing about the task and what [...]

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Conant Library Book Swap!

Slowly but surely, books are becoming a thing of the past. Book lovers are a breed no longer seen. How sad that is! Reading is a wonderful thing. Did you know that at Conant Library, there are more than just academic books — tons of fiction reads await you! From movies to books on tape [...]

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View From The ARC: As Told By Alley

Student success is an integral part of the Nichols education philosophy. So important in fact, that the motto of Nichols College states ‘Your Success Is Our Business‘. Time and time again, Nichols puts your money where their mouth is, offering just about everything under the sun to ensure students succeed during their college career and [...]

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Shaolin Jazz Ain’t Nothing To (Mess) With

When I was in eighth grade, the most exciting event of the year was the release of Wu-Tang Clan’s album Wu-Tang Forever. I distinctly recall a childhood friend describing his older brother coming down the stairs the day the CD came out yelling “WU – TANG!!! WU – TANG!!!” along with track number three on the first [...]

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