Not Just Another Hoey on the Hill

Despite what people may say, no I am not crazy for coming to Nichols College, and yes I do know my two older brothers go here. My name here isn’t Catherine anymore it’s primarily Pat Hoey’s little sister, but I am here to show everyone that Sean and Patrick are now known as Catherine Hoey’s older brothers. Also, however you pronounce my last name now is probably wrong, just know if my dad is around to pronounce it correctly. Did I mention there is a fourth Hoey here? While we don’t share the same last name, we still count Robbie Clay as one of us.

My brothers definitely influenced me a lot to come here, but they were not the only reason why I chose to enroll. When we were younger our dad would take us up to Nichols for homecoming because he was also a student here. I have been on this campus since 2001 when my dad received his Master’s degree, and I’ve loved it here ever since.

When it came time for me to make my decision, I knew I was going to go to Nichols, but I still looked at other schools and nothing compared. The fact that my brothers also go here just reinforced my decision.

I knew people would ask us why we all come to Nichols and my answer is that I hope we get something named after us. OK, Not really, but I don’t think we would complain if there were.


For those of you who don’t know, this afternoon Nichols is contributing to the local communities with an afternoon of service dubbed “Bison Give Back.”

As a part of the Nichols Bicentennial celebration students and some 400 staff and faculty will participate in an afternoon of service and volunteerism to thank the local communities who have supported Nichols for the past 200 years.

Many sports teams are participating along with school-wide clubs and individual students who just want to make a difference. What makes this day even better (besides the shortened class schedule) is the social media contest that will be going on during Bison Give Back.

The contest invites all of those participating in Bison Give Back to use the hashtag #NCBisonGiveBack when they post photos of their service activity, whether it is helping clean up a community or paint a mural. The prize is a pizza party for the entire winning group; the prize will be awarded for the photo that “best captures the spirit of Bison Give Back.” Judges will include the Communications & External Relations staff and selected senior administrators.  To be eligible, photos MUST be posted to social media (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) with the hashtag #NCBisonGiveBack.

Bison Give Back is a great cause with a great reward! I encourage everyone participating in BGB to grab their phones and photograph away, but remember to use the hashtag #NCBisonGiveBack!

Homecoming On the Hill – Our 200th Year Celebration Begins!

By: Katie Malloy ‘15

Everybody on the Hill is gearing up for a spectacular weekend: Homecoming! I’m most excited to welcome the Class of 1964 for their 50th year reunion; I love to hear stories about life at Nichols when it was all men.

Speaking of the “Golden Bison” of 1964, on Friday, President Engelkemeyer hosts the invitation-only Golden Bison reception, followed by a gala dinner (invitation only) and then an awesome fireworks display on Vendetti Field at 9:15pm. With so much going on you’ll need your caffeine and sugar to keep your energy up, so be sure to visit the tent in Lot J for free coffee and desserts!

Saturday is full of events: Relive your days at Nichols through the wonderful exhibit set up in Conant Library. Look through pictures from past Homecomings and discover a little more about our history here on the Hill. A number of photos and documents from the Nichols archives will be on display.

Also on Saturday is the Homecoming football game against Becker at 1 pm. I hear from my sources that tailgating in Lot M before the game will be packed—all the spots were reserved well in advance.

For those you who got a coveted spot, be sure to bring your sidewalk chalk and window markers and remember to decorate your tailgating space. Some of the best displays will be posted on social media (#NicholsTurns200) and maybe even featured in an upcoming Nichols College publication.

On Sunday, Nichols hosts the highly anticipated Tint Me Nichols 5k fun run. Join the race or cheer on your friends – you don’t need to be a runner to participate!! Make sure to wear white at the starting line so you can show off your new colors at the finish line! Registration begins at 11 at the Athletic Center; the run starts at 1.

Throughout the weekend, there will be a variety of sporting events so be sure to stop by and support your fellow Bison athletes!
• Friday: Men’s Soccer vs Endicott (5:00pm, Vendetti field)
• Saturday: Women’s Soccer vs. Endicott (11:00am, soccer field)
• Saturday: Women’s Tennis vs Roger Williams (11:30am, Pomfret School)
• Saturday: Football vs Becker College (1:00pm, Vendetti field)
• Sunday: JV Football at Springfield College (1:00pm)

We’re excited to kick off our “Bisontennial” year! Check out for a full list of events and more information.

Share your Homecoming experiences via social media: Use the hashtags #NicholsTurns200, #NCBisonFireworks, and #TintMeNichols.

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