… 3,2,1 – Isaac Redman’s My Countdown App

When bored at his summer job in his home state of Maine, Isaac Redman, app developer, began his search for something to occupy his interest and inspire excitement. In doing so, he decided that he wanted to focus his efforts on designing a website. Through research, though, Isaac discovered that he did not have the resources to do so, but instead stumbled upon a website focusing on the creation of apps – this was the spark that ignited a fire.

Through further research, and the completion of the book App Empire, Isaac took a chance and began the development of his countdown app, My Countdown. He had discovered that countdown apps were extremely popular amongst the consumer and decided this was his best avenue. Aware that he didn’t have the tools to program the app on his own he hired a programmer in Ukraine. Isaac was able to design two versions of his app through a summer’s worth of planning and hand sketches. One version would be available to users for free and the other would be available for 99 cents. The difference, you ask? The free version allows one to count down by days and customize events with a picture, but the 99-cent version allows a user to customize with a picture, countdown by days, hours and minutes and eliminates disruptive advertisements.

Isaac’s My Countdown app has done well since its release in November of 2012 with 1,000 downloads. At this time, Isaac has exhausted his marketing funds, but plans to resume marketing efforts over the summer of 2013. He is eager to work with his Ukrainian programmer to improve the app with push notifications and frequent updates. His biggest goal is for the app to eventually support a majority of all languages in an effort to gain market share. With one app under his belt, Isaac plans to eventually release other apps, which he will base off the popularity of apps trending at that future time. Isaac demonstrates that the use of entrepreneurial skills can lead one to success especially with an increasing need for instantaneous technology.