The ARC Unveils Its New Home in Currier

Venture down to the dungeon of the library basement no longer! The Academic Resource Center (ARC) has officially opened their new home in the Currier Center. After about a year of planning and renovating, the Currier Center is newly transformed into a beautiful, refreshing environment to provide tutoring services for the campus body. Less than a month ago, on Monday April 8th, the red ribbon was officially cut to welcome the campus.

The new facility has wowed many from the college community. Many cannot believe the transformation of the former Fisher Institute. Not only has the layout and paint been completely changed, but group study rooms, a computer café and open tutoring areas, equip with white boards, have been added to the resource center. The center provides students an open venue where they can get one-on-one or group focused attention from their peers. This year the ARC served over 300 students. The new center also provides an area where students can gather with their groups and complete group projects – one of the greatest new features of this facility are its two group study rooms in addition to the study rooms the library offers.
The new facility welcomes its visitors with a reception desk framed by four oak pillars. The lobby is adorned with two padded benches for tutees while they wait for their appointment. There are two open spaces filled with tables and white boards for tutoring appointments. From the tutors perspective, the most exciting part of the new center is their tutor lounge where they can gather between appointments. Additionally, the new ARC facility provides tutors with a place to conduct peer tutor run workshops. One of the tutoring rooms features a setup for presentations, which has allowed tutors a consistent location where workshops will be run – already this month, tutors have utilized this space to conclude their writing workshop series with two workshops.

Marissa Loon, ARC director, and the twenty-two peer tutors, are thrilled with the ambiance of the new space. They find the space to not only be calming, but more inviting and also allows for better concentration. Many of the tutors have expressed how excited they are to have a home that will now be better known. When asked about the new ARC, Jon Natale states, “The new ARC gives students a place to get away from dorm life to focus on school while providing multiple resources.”

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