Shaolin Jazz Ain’t Nothing To (Mess) With

When I was in eighth grade, the most exciting event of the year was the release of Wu-Tang Clan’s album Wu-Tang Forever. I distinctly recall a childhood friend describing his older brother coming down the stairs the day the CD came out yelling “WU – TANG!!! WU – TANG!!!” along with track number three on the first disc (I can never remember the song names but I am great at telling you the track number) and man, I tell you…that’s a vividly cool image.

As I grew older, I began to appreciate jazz music. Jazz music is, well, cool. There’s no other way to describe it. Sultry, soothing, crazy music with horns. You can feel jazz down to your bones. So the other day, as I began to research Shaolin Jazz — The 37th Chamber event coming to Nichols College February 18th and 19th — I was pleasantly shocked to discover exactly what this event is.

Shoalin Jazz, conceived by Gerald Watson and crafted/produced by DJ 2-Tone Jones, fuses jazz songs and breaks with the vocals of Wu-Tang Clan. Graphic artist Logan Walters is the man behind the inspiration with his recreations of Wu-Tang albums as jazz album covers. If that is not cool, I am certain I no longer know what is. If I was you, I would head here now:

Once you’ve checked that out, be aware that February 18th and 19th Shaolin Jazz will be on campus as follows:

February 18: Guests, Color of Sound and Creative Branding Presentation, Shaolin Jazz — 7:00 p.m. — Davis 205/207 (cultural credit)

February 19:  All day class visits upon request. Guests, Multimedia Presentaion, Hip Hop & Jazz, Shaolin Jazz — 7:00 p.m. — Davis 205/207

An art exhibit of Shaolin Jazz pieces will be set up in Davis for student viewing both days. If you miss this, you are off your cloud. Did you check the link yet? Make sure to. Shaolin Jazz is revolutionary, an extraordinary mixture of two worlds. Don’t miss out.





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