Spring Semester Cultural Events

Seems like the Fischer Institute has incredible opportunities lined up for Spring. Have you gotten your culturals in? It is important to do so for your perspective on life, broadening your horizons…oh yeah, and you need sixteen of these events under your belt in order to graduate. Don’t wait until the last minute. Time management is key to a successful college career.

You can copy and paste the link here: https://www.nichols.edu/uploaded_files/pdf/fischer-calendar-spring-2014.pdf to view a full listing, but some of the upcoming events include:

February 4th: 7:00 in Davis 205/207 Eric Deggans will be on campus with his book, Race Baiter. Deggans is a journalist and media critic intent on spreading the word on how media can divide race. Copies of the book can be purchased at this event — be sure to have Deggans sign your copy.

February 6th: 4:00 in Davis 201/203 Dr. Raouf Mama, professor at Eastern Connecticut State and West-African storyteller, leads an African storytelling workshop. Reservations required–hors d’oeuvres reception to follow.

February 11th: 1:30 in Davis 205/207 ATTENTION COMMUTERS!!! This is a cultural event that is highly informative and will get you to class by 2:15. The Fischer Institute is showing a film titled ‘Countries of the World: Argentina’. This is film in a series; look for more break-time events!

Stay tuned for more information on cultural events hosted by the Fischer Institute.




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