PDS- Elevator Speech

In preparation for the upcoming career fair, this week we were asked to present our elevator speeches. For those of you that are not familiar with an elevator speech, it is a pitch you would give to a potential employer to market yourself for a job. At first when hearing about the task and what I had to do, I was very nervous. Standing in front of a group of people and talking about myself is not something that I am very comfortable with. Thinking about what I would say in my pitch was the hardest part.  I want to say something that makes me stand out from the other candidates. As an athlete, the first words that came to mind were leadership and good communication skills. Obviously, these are very common adjectives to describe yourself with, but with the pointers my professor was able to give, we were all able to come up with ways to help our speeches stand out.  In my speech, I talked about my previous and current experiences that will help me in my future and my passion for marketing.


After giving my elevator speech I feel more confident for the career fair and how I will be presenting myself. I think learning how to develop an elevator speech is very useful, and I am excited PDS has taught me how to prepare for future jobs. Most importantly, the career and internship fair.

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