Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day

The Hoeys are your average Irish family. In fact all of our names are Irish: Patrick, Sean, Catherine, Robert, and Mary. Saint Patrick’s Day is also referred to as St. Paddy’s Day, and to me, it’s the most important holiday ever. As St. Paddy’s Day approaches, many people are decked out in green to show their true Irish pride. Even if you aren’t Irish, you are for that one-day of the year: March 17. Our Irish heritage is something we value and cherish in the Hoey household.

Every morning on Saint Patrick’s Day there is always candy on the counter for my brothers and me. As children, my parents used to tell us about the leprechauns and how they would come into the house at night and leave candy. We also always go to the parade in Worcester. When we were younger, we would go out in our Irish sweaters made by our friend in Ireland. Sadly, our sweaters no longer fit considering they were made many years ago when we were just kids.

On Saint Patrick’s Day, both of my grandmas visit and my mom makes corned beef and cabbage. She makes so much of it that for the whole next week we have corned beef sandwiches, or just left over corned beef every night for dinner. If you have never tried it before, I highly suggest you do; it will change your life forever. We only eat it once a year, so I look forward to this day from March 18 until March 17 the next year.

This year, I attended the Saint Patrick’s Day parade on Sunday March 15th in Boston with my friends from home. We were ready in our greenest Irish pride garb! It was cold, but, regardless we still had a lot of fun. Then today, Saint Patrick’s Day, we will have our annual home cooked corned beef and cabbage meal with my family.

I look forward to seeing how everyone celebrates St. Paddy’s Day with your Instagram and Twitter posts. I also hope the leprechauns are good to you!

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