Chad Weeks Award


Some of you may know Chad Weeks, but if you don’t, then listen up. Chad is a senior here at Nichols College. Although he stands only 5 feet tall, he has a heart ten times his size! When he was just three years old, he was diagnosed with Retina Blastoma (a type of cancer) which stunted his growth. Chad has been a member of the Nichols football team all four years, but due to his size, was not able to play in many games. However, he went to all practices, tough summer training, and the strenuous preseason weeks. Chad never let his size stop him from doing something he is passionate about: football.

My brother, Patrick, who is Chad’s roommate, told me that the night of the annual football banquet, Chad did not want to go at all. The reason for this is that Chad did not think he would get any awards. However, Chad decided it was important for him to be there, and he attended the banquet. To Patrick’s surprise, when Chad got back to their room, he was extremely emotional and elated to show Patrick what he had! Chad received the first-ever Chad Weeks Award named in his honor. The award is given to the Nichols College football player who demonstrates the most passion and dedication to the game.  Chad said he was in a state of shock and knew nothing of the award until receiving it at the banquet. He is beyond grateful and honored and has hung the award with pride in his dorm room for everyone to see.

I know Chad personally; he has been my brother’s friend for four years. He is one of the many friends Patrick would bring home to mooch off us for dinner or just a place to sleep because of the many winter storms (we live nearby). I knew Chad was a great person and someone special from the very first time I met him. I am so happy that he is receiving recognition for just being himself. Congratulate Chad if you see him around campus!

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