Spring Trips Abroad

This past spring break, Nichols students took several trips abroad including trips to Barcelona and London. The Barcelona trip was for criminal justice students who were required to take two specific courses. For the London trip, students had to take the Lead 101 course in the spring semester. Each trip consisted of different activities but it is amazing to see what opportunities Nichols students have available to them.

On April 23, the ten Criminal Justice students who went on the Barcelona trip each gave a presentation on a specific topic about the trip. Along with their advisors, Professor Charbonneau and Professor Brown, the students who went on this trip were Kim Whalen, Taylor Pons, Paige Moroz, Anthony Lovetere, Jon Demers, Mario Turner, Jake Gallagher, Ian Sullivan, David Barnard, and Mike Cutrer.

In order to be eligible for the trip, the students had to complete two courses, one of which was Crime, Justice, and Society and write an essay about why they should be selected for the trip.  Based on the applications, Professors Charbonneau and Brown chose ten deserving students to take the trip.

During their presentations, the students talked about the different law enforcement strategies and the culture of Barcelona. I really enjoyed this event and wish I was a criminal justice major because of all the places they visited while in Barcelona. Anyone who is in the Criminal Justice program should really consider going on this trip in the future!

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