Proud To Be A Bison


Name: Megan Fields

Major: Marketing

Year of Graduation: 2017

Horoscope: Cancer

Amount of time put into four years of college: priceless.

To be honest, I don’t actually put much stock into zodiac signs and horoscopes, and yet I still find myself avidly agreeing with every description the Internet can think to apply to a Cancer. It doesn’t matter if one post says I keep to myself the majority of the time, or if another says that I’m as extroverted as they come—each time I read those hastily typed blurbs I’m thinking to myself: “That is so me.”

Starting off my fourth and final year of college, I think more about what I’ve been able to accomplish here at Nichols College. I’ve served on the Retention Council, been a peer tutor at the Academic Resource Center, and have spent my free time baking sweets to share with my neighbors in Kuppenheimer Hall—because why not?

It’s not that I haven’t done a lot as a student at Nichols College, because I’ve done my best to be reasonably involved. On the contrary, it’s whether my time and energy spent here will leave a lasting impression on this beautiful campus.

And isn’t that what we all want?

We want to be remembered for leaving behind a legacy … or implementing a great change … or for being so memorable that professors will say your name for years, thinking: “Whatever happened to them?”

I want to be someone who professors fondly remember, even if they are also shuddering while recalling my favorite skill of debating anything and everything.

There lies the ultimate goal for my senior year: to be remembered.

What better way is there to be remembered than to leave a permanent stamp of my presence here on Bison Chronicles, forever on the Internet?

True, it’s a lot of pressure, but as Johnny Kapahaala from Johnny Tsunami said in 1999, “Go big, or go home.”

Megan Fields is a Nichols College senior marketing major and psychology minor. She interns for the Nichols College Office of Marketing and Communications.

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