So You Want To Intern – But What Does That Mean?


Embarking on a new job at a new company, never mind an internship, is scary. But being an intern with little-to-no prior experience and with the expectation that you’re going to be amazing right away?

Now that’s even scarier.

My internship with Draper, a Cambridge, Mass.-based nonprofit engineering and technology firm, was the first real position I held where I was focusing on marketing. Although I had worked for Draper before in various administrative roles, being hired as a “plans intern” (as we were called) was the next step toward my future in the marketing field.

As a rising senior at Nichols College—and a marketing major—my internship couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. I was able to fully appreciate the theoretical aspect of my Nichols classroom experience while applying the education to my job. As one of three interns at Draper, I worked with the plans team and the Strategic Communications Department to cover all manner of projects: press releases, event planning, a technical exposition, and the company’s first television commercial broadcast.

Being the new hire in the group was initially nerve-wracking. But after familiarizing myself with every employee and realizing how friendly and accepting everyone was, I relaxed and began to focus on my role within the department. Even though I didn’t have as much experience as the full-time employees, I never lost the feeling that I was an equal to these professionals, and that they saw me in that light.

The personal exposure to the various facets of marketing has made more difficult my efforts to narrow which aspect of the field I want to concentrate in. Having had the opportunity to experience so many new paths to take, however, is worth my temporary indecision. Not only did I walk away from Draper with valid industry experience, I learned more about myself and garnered profound life advice from my coworkers that will guide me to make the decision about to where I should take my next step.

Megan Fields is a Nichols College senior marketing major and psychology minor. She interns for the Nichols College Office of Marketing and Communication.

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