Love Your Melon!

By Jenna McAssey `19

Love your melon is one of the newest organizations to start here on the Nichols campus!

“Our goal is to make sure every child with cancer has a warm hat to wear, with love,” said Hayley Gillen. Hayley is a Senior here at Nichols with a major in General Business, she is the Nichols College’s campus leader of Love Your Melon (an organization which raises money for pediatric cancer) here at Nichols College.

Introduced last semester to Nichols, students wrote more than 500 Christmas cards in December to a little boy suffering from Leukemia whose only wish was to receive as many Christmas cards as possible. The campus crew includes 14 Nichols College Students, who are devoted to spreading cancer awareness around campus. The crew members here at Nichols are Gina Petruzzi, Amanda Hayley, Jenna McAssey Marissa Piedmont, Hayley Gillen, Kim Hoyt, Monica Pucko, Sara Dodd. Jennie Banks, Kara Donati, Emily Sgueglia, Joyce Salles, Julie Montesdecoa, and Jess Melanson.

Love Your Melon was founded in 2012 by two students at the University of St. Thomas in Missouri, Zachary Quinn and Brian Keller. They created Love Your Melon as a class project, and before they knew it, the company took off. It started as a “buy one, give one,” business. For each hat bought, one was given to a child with cancer. Eventually, so many children were receiving hats, that they began donating 50 percent of their profits to cancer research.

Over the past couple months, the organization has expanded and now sells different types of hats, clothing, and other accessories. Over 40 colleges and universities have chapters and have taken part in spreading awareness about pediatric cancer.

Nichols College students have thus far bought more than 50 hats, donating over $1,000 to cancer research efforts. Go to to get your hat today, or find the Nichols campus crew at their next event in March! In March they will be hosting a donut event, and any student that follows them on social media will receive a donut in return!

Be sure to follow @ncloveyourmelon on both twitter and Instagram!


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