Kate-Lynn Schraffa ‘18

It’s that time again, Nichols College. The end of the semester is finally upon us and wow – we had a lot to do by Dec. 15! While we all like to think we have a handle on those semester-long projects, major presentations, and final exams, it’s easy to get stressed out. Fall semester may be over, but for spring semester, make sure you plan your time wisely because finals week falls on students like a load of bricks.

During finals week in December, students who feeling extra stressed and needing some time to themselves had a lot of great, healthy on-campus activities to choose from. On Dec. 13, the Social Program Board hosted massages and pet therapy in Fels Student Center. Also that day, there was a sound-healing meditation in the aerobics room for students to take time to focus on meditation and mindfulness.

If you were unable to attend either of those events during finals week, try to budget time for yourself. Whether it’s going to the gym for an hour or grabbing dinner with your roommates at Lombard, it’s important to manage your stress.

Remember, pain is temporary, but GPA is forever. Just don’t stress yourself out too much. Hope you have a great winter break, Nichols College!

Kate-Lynn Schraffa is a Nichols College senior marketing major. She also interns for the College’s Office of Marketing and Communications.

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