Meet the Newest Bison Chronicles Writer: Joyce


Hi! My name is Joyce Salles, a junior marketing major and hospitality minor. I wear many hats on campus, including serving as the Student Government Association’s (SGA) Class of 2019 president, residence life community manager, Professional Development Seminar teacher’s assistant, and a member of the Honors Program, Emerging Leaders Program, Zeta Alpha Phi Honors Society, and the Management Club. The latest and greatest addition to my “hat collection”: becoming an intern for the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Freshman-year Joyce would be shocked to see this much in an intro paragraph! The fact is, my involvement at Nichols has transformed me into a better leader, student, citizen, and professional.

Before Nichols, I would never step up to lead a group, yet today I represent my entire class in SGA. I was shy and afraid of public speaking, but last year I delivered my elevator speech in front of the whole school. Previously, I minded my own business and focused on academics. Now, however, I help teach a first-year course while maintaining Dean’s List.

With that said, you’re probably wondering: “Joyce, when do you have time to actually go to class, watch the latest Netflix show—or  even brush your teeth?”

The simple answer to these questions: time management and priorities.

Discovering how to balance my passions, academics, and social life was a hard but necessary battle. I keep busy by doing the things I love, including setting aside “me time.” Luckily, I have been able to maintain good academic standing, binge watch “The Office,” and regularly brush my teeth (a must, especially since my mom is a dentist).

The newest opportunity added to my iPhone calendar is my marketing internship. I knew I wanted to pursue marketing since sophomore year in high school. I love the creativity it allows me to express and share, the consumer interaction and psychology in advertising, and the innovation behind huge marketing firms. So, you can only imagine the excitement I have for starting this new position!

From writing blog posts to creating videos, I will be exposed to different avenues of the marketing world. It’s one thing to read about it in textbooks versus getting to experience the action first hand.

My goal is to be like a sponge, absorbing all the marketing knowledge I can and to hopefully take a step closer to becoming the businesswoman who lands an amazing marketing job upon graduation!

Joyce Salles is a junior marketing major and hospitality minor. She is also an intern in the Nichols Office of Marketing and Communications. 

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