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Hello there, well lets get to know me. I'm a sophomore, double majoring in Marketing and Business Communication. I have been with the team since my freshman year . I really enjoy my time here, and love what I do and I hope you love it too.

Spotlight: Women’s Ice Hockey

Mary learned how to skate when she was three years old, and started playing hockey when she was five years old. Throughout her life, she has played numerous other sports but never had the passion for them like she has for hockey. Mary grew up in a hockey family, where her dad and brother both shared the same passion. This was a key reason as to why Mary loved the game. For a long time, Mary had to work hard and try to improve her skills to be able to make travel teams. Mary struggled to make teams, simply due to not having the skills, and would be cut or sent down. One coach changed her life, and gave her the opportunity to have a chance on a team. She was told that she made the team, not on talent, but because she was a hard worker the coach wanted to keep her. That one chance was all she needed.

From that moment on, Mary was able to use that quality to her advantage. She was able to make many more teams after that, and along the way the chances she had helped her improve her skills. At the end of her senior year in high school, Mary was about to say goodbye to her years of competitive ice hockey, and attend a University in Canada. Out of nowhere, Mary got an invite to play for The Boston Shamrocks, out of Wilmington, MA. It did not take her very long to realize that she was not ready to give up her passion, the game of ice hockey.

Within a few days, Mary’s plans had changed drastically .Instead of moving into a University, Mary was moving to a new country. At first, this was tough for Mary. This was the first time that she moved, was away from home, 12 hours away from her family, living in a house with seven girls that she did not know. Mary put all of her focus on hockey and working out, which proved to be successful when she was chosen as the assistant captain of her team. Mary would skate by herself in the mornings, practice with the team in the afternoon, and work out with the team in evening. It was a tough year on her body, playing 75 games on top of all her extra work, but was a year she will never forget.

After her year on the Boston Shamrocks, Mary was off to Nichols College to play for their Ice Hockey team. The program has gone through its ups and downs, with four different coaches in three years, but her love for the game, and her teammates, has never gone away and the team is getting better. Going into her senior year, Mary will Captain the Women’s Ice Hockey team, as the only senior on the team.