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I'm a videographer for Nichols College, capturing moment on and off the campus.

Professor Libba Moore – Human Resource Panel Discussion

Professor Libba Moore invited Nichols Alumni with careers in Human Resource to explain what their jobs in HR entail. Students benefit from making the connection between classroom material and real life experience. Professor Moore brought in Jennifer Fisher from Crabtree & Evelyn, Jason Dekow from Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Jason Monteiro from eClinicalWorks.

Each HR professional took on a panel of 7 to 10 students. During the panel sessions, students were able to ask any questions about Human Resource issues. The Alumni answered a variety of questions from hiring and firing, to handling issues in the workplace.

After the panel session, the Alumni were asked to sit down and give advice on Human Resource, what they look for in potential students, and how to stand out from others in hiring. The key for interviews is preparation and research.

Ingredients and Creativity at Chocolate Innovations

At Chocolate Innovations, Rob Russo has lived up the name having created many new and exciting flavors using ideas from customers and his own culinary creativity. One of his pride and joys was suggested by a Nichols student; a peanut butter cup sandwiched between two Oreo cookies then submersed in chocolate. From there it spun out of control and he started making new creations every week. Sin-a-bon Truffles, Macadamia Butter Cups, Expresso Truffles, and a devilish Lava Cup which is a peanut butter cup with a scorching finish of chili oil.

He has been developing gift ideas as to try to step into the  weddings, corporate gifts and holiday specials market. In these cases he found through experience and schooling that more options may not always be better. So for Valentines Day this year he offered two boxes; “I Love Valentine’s Day” and “I Hate Valentine’s Day” in addition to a limited production item. The boxes go beyond name and are more of an idea; “I Love Valentine’s Day” is the traditional idea of Cherry Truffles, Chocolate Strawberries and a Strawberry Rose. Whereas the “I Hate Valentine’s Day Box” is aimed at new age ideas of Chocolate Bacon, Oreo Cups and Cakeballs. The limited production item is also unique and different, this year it is a strawberry rose with a white chocolate base and pink, blue or purple accents added. The idea is to make a good selection of items universally liked so you can reach a broad target market.

As Rob continues to expand his business, try his products give him feedback and he will continue to use fine ingredients to create unique and delicious products.  He is quite active on Facebook, so follow Chocolate Innovations there.