The Ultimate Magic Extravaganza

On Thursday, September 15th, Nichols Campus Activities Board (CAB) sponsored the Ultimate Magic Extravaganza a magic show featuring Daniel Martin, Brian Brushwood and Nate Staniforth.
Daniel Martin came to campus this past spring semester and CAB was excited to have him back this semester and even more excited to have Brian and Nate come too. They are three good friends and don’t always get to perform together so it was a special treat for Nichols and for them to perform together.
The guys arrived on campus early and headed to the Dining Hall for some teasers before the show.

Being a Chair person on CAB I was there to work the event doing the lights and sound which was more in depth than the usual events we have where only a microphone is needed. Each of them had at least one microphone and some type of media whether it was a dvd, laptop or ipod set up. They also had a few queues where I had to change the lighting during the show. It was a great experience for me getting to learn some new things in the sound booth.
Daniel, Brian, and Nate were all amazing. From card tricks to fire eating it was definitely a show worth attending.

Photos by Marion Knight

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