All Fare Well At The Academic Fair

So many of us have heard, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” It is a question with an answer that constantly changes as we evolve. I myself have changed my occupational path from a veterinarian at age ten to simply being myself at age thirty (yes, thirty — I am what you may term an ‘adult learner’). It’s hard to know what you want to do — for the rest of your life — at any point in time, never mind while in your late teens and early twenties. Thankfully, Nichols College tries its absolute best to help students answer that timeless question of what to do with one’s life. It is undeniable that Nichols College prepares its students for success. A quick tour of the campus shows plenty of comfortable places to study, to type up a paper, to prepare a coffee or hot tea…but more than that, Nichols gives students the hands on chance to explore that many need. From internships to cultural events and everything in between, Nichols rises admirably to the challenge of helping students decide which major/minor to pursue for their academic career.

The Academic Fair at Daniels Auditorium brought out students in droves; at times the hall was so crowded all you could hear were the words “Excuse me!” as students visited with professors and students at each booth. All majors Nichols College offers to the student body were represented as both a choice for major or minor, including graduate studies and the honors program. Each table was set with a tri-fold board displaying department details and tables offered examples of work or showcased the opportunities to be had in each field.  Proud professors and exemplary students stood sentry to honor and glorify their department.

First-year PDS students were required to attend, an excellent way to ensure students know what opportunities the college offers. As the freshman students toured the hall, they had a questionnaire that was required as homework for each PDS class. This was no simple survey; students needed to list with whom they spoke, what careers and advancement opportunities could be made in each field, and to spend time actually talking to more than one representative of any given major. Another major score for the PDS program here at Nichols, the professors do not allow students to simply walk in and out and be done with the assignment. They must explore — although not one student seemed forced. Questions asked were thoughtful, and follow-up questions by the students were reflective.

It is not too late to explore major or minor options in your academic career! Be sure to visit to determine who you should speak with about changing/declaring a major or adding a minor.



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