For those of you who don’t know, this afternoon Nichols is contributing to the local communities with an afternoon of service dubbed “Bison Give Back.”

As a part of the Nichols Bicentennial celebration students and some 400 staff and faculty will participate in an afternoon of service and volunteerism to thank the local communities who have supported Nichols for the past 200 years.

Many sports teams are participating along with school-wide clubs and individual students who just want to make a difference. What makes this day even better (besides the shortened class schedule) is the social media contest that will be going on during Bison Give Back.

The contest invites all of those participating in Bison Give Back to use the hashtag #NCBisonGiveBack when they post photos of their service activity, whether it is helping clean up a community or paint a mural. The prize is a pizza party for the entire winning group; the prize will be awarded for the photo that “best captures the spirit of Bison Give Back.” Judges will include the Communications & External Relations staff and selected senior administrators.  To be eligible, photos MUST be posted to social media (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) with the hashtag #NCBisonGiveBack.

Bison Give Back is a great cause with a great reward! I encourage everyone participating in BGB to grab their phones and photograph away, but remember to use the hashtag #NCBisonGiveBack!

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