Not Just Another Hoey on the Hill

Despite what people may say, no I am not crazy for coming to Nichols College, and yes I do know my two older brothers go here. My name here isn’t Catherine anymore it’s primarily Pat Hoey’s little sister, but I am here to show everyone that Sean and Patrick are now known as Catherine Hoey’s older brothers. Also, however you pronounce my last name now is probably wrong, just know if my dad is around to pronounce it correctly. Did I mention there is a fourth Hoey here? While we don’t share the same last name, we still count Robbie Clay as one of us.

My brothers definitely influenced me a lot to come here, but they were not the only reason why I chose to enroll. When we were younger our dad would take us up to Nichols for homecoming because he was also a student here. I have been on this campus since 2001 when my dad received his Master’s degree, and I’ve loved it here ever since.

When it came time for me to make my decision, I knew I was going to go to Nichols, but I still looked at other schools and nothing compared. The fact that my brothers also go here just reinforced my decision.

I knew people would ask us why we all come to Nichols and my answer is that I hope we get something named after us. OK, Not really, but I don’t think we would complain if there were.

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  1. U go girl! We have a large family and will always b compared 2 other family members (I’m Pat’s big brother). Together we can do anything but b yourself.

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