Nichols College Hosts Ghost Hunter Chris Fleming

Believe it or not, Nichols College is haunted. Right before Halloween, Ghost Hunter Chris Fleming came to campus and confirmed it. The event freaked me out.

In the first part, Chris gave a presentation about his life as a ghost hunter and his experiences in this spooky profession. Later, he had all of us (there were about 50 people at the event in Fels) put our names on a piece of paper and put the names in a bucket. These were the people whom Chris would choose to take on the ghost hunt. Now, I’m not too keen on ghost hunting. But my roommate is and really wanted to go on the hunt. We put our names in. I told her if my name got picked and hers didn’t, that she could take my place. Both of us were called so off I went.

We started off the hunt at Fels because Chris believed there was definitely something paranormal there, and lo and behold, he was right! There apparently is a lot of paranormal activity in Fels.

As my friends and I stood outside of Fels, we all looked at each other as we felt like something was behind us. We asked Chris to consult his ‘spirit box’ and check if someone was behind us. Right away an answer came out of the spirit box, “yes.” I freaked out. We then asked the spirit box what my friend was wearing on her head and it said “white hat.” My friend then asked if the spirit’s name was Charlie, and he answered with yes.

As it turns out, Charlie is my friend’s ghost. It follows her around. Crazy, I know, but true. She played the Ouija board game one night and Charlie never left her. Apparently, Charlie is also always in our room, thus ensuring I will never sleep again.

We moved on to Academy Hall where Chris found three ghosts. He contacted the spirits through the box. The man ghost would not allow the others to talk to us. He kept telling us to “get out” and he even swore at us a couple times. At this point, I really wanted to leave, but we stayed on.

When we finally left we took a group picture with Chris Fleming. A little later when everyone got back from the ghost hunt people told me that I missed it. I wasn’t too sure I wanted to know but I asked, “Missed what?”

Apparently when they were all walking past Conrad they looked at the top floor and all the lights turned on. Some of my friends say they saw a woman’s face. Later that night, I went to N&J’s ; when I came back the lights were still on. So I pointed at the building to a friend and as soon as I pointed all of the lights turned off.

Honestly, this whole ghost-hunting idea completely freaks me out and I am still not entirely sure why I went. Now I am officially done with ghost hunting and will never do it again.

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