BisonFest 2015 is almost here!

Which class has the most Bison Pride? Well, this will be settled on April 12th when the awards are handed out for BisonFest 2015! What is BisonFest, you ask? It’s what used to be called “The Bison Games” but has now been amped up to four days of competition. The event will start on Wednesday, April 8th and end on Saturday, April 11th. Winners will be announced and awarded on Sunday, the 12th. Everyone should start warming up because it’s only one day away! However, no matter how much warming up you do, I know that the class of 2018 (my class) will finish victoriously!

The class who wins receives a $3,000 grand prize; second place, $2,000; third place, $1,000; and fourth place (most likely the seniors), $500. Also, if a staff member is on a team, the team receives extra points! Each student is allowed to participate in three different events. So go to the 3rd floor of Fels to sign up before all of the spots are taken. Also, make sure you check your email for the list of events or visit the Center for Student Involvement. Videos of your team captains with Thunder are all over Nichols College social media accounts.  Make sure you hashtag #BisonFest15 when tweeting and posting any Instagram pictures.

Hope everyone is ready to get beaten by a bunch of freshmen because at the end of BisonFest, you will wish you were a part of the class of 2018! Good luck to whoever faces the freshmen team in any events; most likely you will run back to your dorm crying after we beat you.

As you can probably tell, I am extremely excited and cannot wait for BisonFest. It will be a great time to show my Bison pride and see how many of my fellow students show theirs. Even though my brothers, Sean and Patrick, always talk about the Bison Games, they won’t have experienced anything like this before! Good luck to all classes and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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