Come one, Come all to The 3rd Annual Elevator Speech Competition

It’s that time of year again for the annual Elevator Speech Competition; they are entering their third year! The first year there were seven contestants, the second year there were 17 contestants, and they are hoping for even more contestants this year! Professor Luanne Westerling is the coordinator for the competition and Andrew Haas is the student moderator/emcee. Professor Westerling said that one day she would love for it to be a competition against different schools because Nichols is dedicated to developing leadership and communication skills in their students.

There are a few guidelines for the competition: students must be enrolled at Nichols College; they have to give a 60 second elevator speech in front of a panel of judges, points will be deducted if too long or too short; notes are not allowed at the podium with students; and lastly contestants must submit an outline or completed speech with the entry form. As for the competition itself, all speeches are videotaped and you must wear business attire.

This competition is a chance for students to step out of their comfort zones and participate in a challenging event. For me, I have had to step out of my comfort zone in my effective speaking class. I have never really had to stand in front of a class full of students and speak. However, I am starting to become more comfortable giving speeches. This class has given me the confidence to get in front of an audience and speak. When I gain even more trust and confidence in myself, I would love to participate in this competition.

The 3rd Annual Elevator Speech Competition is being held on 4/7 at 7 pm in Daniels Auditorium. Hope to see you all there!

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