Open Forum Discussion on May 1

I think that most college students do not know nearly half of what’s going on in the world today. Most do not watch the news or even follow it on twitter. Oftentimes, those who do follow the news on twitter are not getting the whole story or are getting a biased or incorrect one. This was a topic that was discussed at the recent campus open forum.

During the open forum on May 1, I sat with PJ Boggio, Dean of Students, Autumn Hicks, SGA President, and Professor Boyd Brown to talk about the events that happened and are continuing in Baltimore. Our discussion transitioned to implementing a current events club on campus. The one thing that might be difficult about this is that it might be tough getting students to participate due to their many other commitments on campus.

Also, some students might think that if professors are orchestrating the meetings then it’s more of a class than a club. However, we would want students in this club to be willing to talk about current events and lead discussions, but also be willing to listen and hear each person’s point of view.

I believe this would be beneficial to the students so they become aware of what is happening in the world and can share an opinion. It may seem that here in Dudley, Massachusetts we are tucked away and hidden from any harm that may come. Sometimes people do not pay attention because the events that are happening aren’t happening in their town or region. However, we all need to be aware and to be able to talk about difficult topics such as these. Forming the club will help us be ready for real world discussions when we leave our college life in Dudley. In the business world, people engage in these conversations all of the time, and as students we all need to be confident in what we say and how we stand on difficult topics.

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