Bison Blitz 2016


Have you heard the buzz about Bison Blitz? Bison Blitz is a fundraising event that Alumni Relations and with the help of SAS (Student Alumni Society) host every year in March. It is a challenge for alumni and friends to donate to Nichols College for the Nichols Fund and have their money doubled. How does the money double, you ask? For the past three years, Alumnus and Trustee John H. McClutchy, Jr. ‘72 has matched the money that is raised during Bison Blitz up to $100,000.

This year they are switching things up a little. SAS wants to get the classes involved by getting them to participate in this year’s Bison Blitz. Each class has a number you can text. Once you donate you then fill out a form and text one of the codes below to 41444 (text the class code that corresponds with your graduating class year). The catch- the dollar amount doesn’t matter; it is about how many students participate. So lets say a senior donates $150 and the juniors have 10 students that each donated $10, the juniors will win. The more participants the more points each class receives.

For Alumni, if you donate $25 you will be entered into a raffle for an Apple Watch, but if you donate $250 or more you will be entered to win a party in the Bison’s Den and an overnight in Budleigh with meal accommodations for you and 20 friends!

The days are winding down in March so go to to donate today!

The class numbers are:

2016: Text NCSR to 41444

2017: Text NCJR to 41444

2018: Text NCSOPH to 41444

2019: Text NCFRESH to 41444

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