On Friday, Feb. 19, Nichols Student Life hosted a paint bar for all to attend that was located in Fels Student Center. Along with there being professional instructors, paint, and canvas’s included, a beer and wine station was available if you were of age. The picture that students were encouraged to target was a pretty sunset background with birch trees overlapping each other throughout the canvas.

A professional instructor walked us through the painting step-by-step but encouraged us to put our own touch on it. She enjoyed the uniqueness we all brought to the picture and was happy to see how differently we all interpreted the idea of the painting.

We started off by creating the background. We were given yellow, red, blue, white, and black as our colors, and it was our job to mix the colors as needed to create what we were looking for. It helped us get creative. After allowing the background to dry, we then went over it and created the birch trees and, again, designed those however we pleased.

My roommates and I had fun at this event. After a long week of classes and the stresses of being a second-semester senior keeping us busy, painting was a great way to spend time with friends and relax.

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