#DStrong Dorian Murray becomes famous at Nichols College and around the world


On January 25 and 26, students, staff, and faculty showed support for Dorian Murray by having their picture taken with his DStrong hash tag or by spreading his tweet.

Dorian, age 8, has been battling a pediatric cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma since he was diagnosed at 4. Unfortunately, at this point the cancer has been deemed untreatable. Upon hearing this news, Dorian decided to spend his remaining time becoming famous all over the world and passing on his message to stay strong.

Nichols College has joined the global battle to stay #DStrong and help spread Dorian’s message and dream. So far, #DStrong has made it across the country and internationally as far as China and Australia. This worldwide recognition of Dorian has boosted his spirits and even resulted in him meeting a New England Patriots player, Rob Gronkowski.

Once everyone participating at Nichols had their pictures taken with a whiteboard reading #DStrong, all of the photos were compiled into a video that has been sent out to several social media sites for Dorian and his family to view (click here to watch the video). Junior Reilly Flaherty and Director of Student Involvement Brian Quinlan organized this support initiative.

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