Students Experience Magic and Wonder on Mystical Night


On Friday, February 5, the Meditation Club held a Mystical Night, sponsored by CAB. In Fels Lounge, any magical activities were available for students to participate in. From 8 to 10 p.m. there was a psychic fortune-teller, wax hand making, and henna tattoos.

The most popular table that students were lining up for was wax hand making. Students were instructed to cover their hand in lotion then dip it into the wax. The most tedious part was separating the wax hand from the student; at times it took a lot of pulling and coaxing to get the wax hand off.

There was also a Henna tattoo station set up. A real Henna artist free handed complex designs onto students. The brown paste took a long time to set before leaving a stain on the skin.

A psychic fortune-teller had a table set up with crystals and other magical items to help her discover each student’s story and future. It was spooky how she knew certain things about people she’s never met before and many students were eager to find out their future. Others were looking for advice and guidance.

Many students wandered in and out of Fels checking out the tables and enjoying wings and refreshments. It was a fun Friday night event filled with curiosity and amazement.

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