Movement Will Always be More Powerful than Words

By: Jenna McAssey ‘19

Dance is an art and activity that has grown over the centuries and captivates audiences all over the world.

It is a hidden language of the soul and art of the eye. Many grow up seeing the dance studio as another world—an escape from reality and a place with no problems or worries. Some see the studio as a place to dance and tell a story with few words, while moving with emotion.

On Dec. 7, 2016, the Nichols College Dance Team performed its first winter showcase in Daniels Auditorium. The show included songs representing many genres, as well as dance styles of all types including tap, jazz, contemporary, and ballet.

The 10 women on the team have worked all semester to produce a show in which they were also able to incorporate giving back to our local community: To receive admission to the show, one canned food item had to be donated to help less-fortunate families during the holiday season. The dancers will donate all items received to the Webster-Dudley food share and bring smiles to many faces.

The Nichols Dance Team is a great example of showing the student body that, especially during the holiday season, it is important we take the time to give back to those in need. Many children and families are left without meals every day, and around the holidays it is even harder for them.

Please take time to see what you could donate and do to help someone in the local community around you.

Jenna McAssey is a Nichols College sophomore majoring in criminal justice and psychology. She interns for the Nichols Office of Marketing and Communications.

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