Welcome Back Bison!


During the first week back on campus the Social Programing Board (SPB) hosted a food crawl. The series of events were held Tuesday, January 17 through Saturday, January 21. It was a good opportunity to get people involved and back into routine as we begin second semester! As an incentive, if a student attended all of the events, they would receive a free tee shirt on the last day!

Each night was a different theme, from grilled cheese to tacos followed by the last day having bouncy houses in the field house! There were all different kinds of blow up bouncy house activities where students had the opportunity to bounce and race with their fellow students.

Aside from the food crawl, many other events also took place. There was a bingo night, an event hosted by SPB, which had a really great turnout. A trivia night also took place with President Engelkemeyer as the competition; many students had the experience of playing trivia against her! “The president stumped quite a few students. But some were able to beat her and win bookstore prizes,” said Junior Erica Sullivan. Another event that was enjoyed by many was mystical night. Mystical night took place on Friday and there were all sorts of things to do. From making bamboo plants, to meditating, to enjoying chocolate covered strawberries.

SPB had so many great events to choose from all week long! These events were quite popular and fun for all. Sophomore, Savannah Taylor said, “it was nice to have a treat and a fun activity to go with it; the first week back isn’t as busy as the rest of the semester so it was fun having different things to do with my friends!” Many students felt this way, including Sophomore Marissa Piedmont, who states “SPB always plans fun events. It is nice to know there is always something going on around campus!” A huge thank you goes out to our Social Programing Board for making the first week back on campus fun filled and delicious!

It is not just the first week of the semester that there are fun things to do on campus. All throughout the semester you’ll find events and activities from trivia nights to speakers to BisonFest. There are so many different ways to get involved here at Nichols College!

Jenna McAssey is a Nichols College sophomore majoring in criminal justice and psychology. She interns for the Nichols Office of Marketing and Communications.


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