Successful Fall Semester at Nichols


As the fall semester comes to an end and another year wraps up, we take time to reflect on 2016. We can laugh about memories made with our friends, and be grateful that exams are finally over. Not only can we take the time to look back on our own personal achievements, but also on the accomplishments we have made together as a student body.

“Set your goals high and don’t stop ‘til you get there.”

As said by Bo Jackson (a former professional baseball and football player), that is exactly what the Nichols College football team has done this year. Winning six games (four consecutive), the team has earned a well-deserved record this past season. The team as a whole has immensely improved—and even 10 of our own Nichols Bison football players were honored by the Worcester Area Football Association.

The women’s tennis team represented the Lady Bison well this season. The women beat Endicott (5-0) and took the championship title in their division. With a record of 14-3 this season, the Nichols community is looking forward to women’s tennis landing another division win in the coming year.

Over the past few months, Nichols College students and faculty have done numerous things to help residents, families, and children of the local community. Food services provider Sodexo has been a huge support in helping to make sure that the Nichols community gives back. From the Bison Bites program, to food drives, and even cooking and serving food at St. Andrew Bobola Church on West Main Street in Dudley every other week, smiles were brought to many faces. Just within the past couple of months, Nichols has made a huge difference in the lives of many people who are in need.

Before Thanksgiving, about a dozen students in the Nichols Emerging Leaders Program participated in raising money for a Thanksgiving food drive to aid the Dudley-Webster Food Share. The students raised $370. Dave Hebert of Sodexo and members of the Men’s Hockey Team shopped for the food and delivered it to Food Share. In total, 1,500 pounds of food—which included 25 turkeys, 25 cans of cranberry sauce, 25 cans of yams, 25 boxes of stuffing, 25 jars of gravy, 50 cans of corn, and 25 cakes for dessert—was purchased with the $370, which was able to feed 25 local families in need.

“Students in the Nichols Emerging Leaders Program see it as an important responsibility to give back to those in our community, and it was a rewarding experience to know we were able to impact 25 families with our efforts,” said Professor Luanne Westerling, Nichols College’s associate dean for business.

Nichols College Public Safety collected toys in December in place of a Nichols-issued parking ticket. All toys were donated to the Dudley Police Department for distribution to children in need.

Fels Student Center managers partnered with the Webster-Dudley Boys & Girls Club to do a Giving Tree. The club gave Nichols the names of 16 local children to place on the tree. Nichols community members were invited to take a name of a child and get a gift for them. Nichols Psychology Club members wrapped the donated gifts and also bought a few. In addition, Nichols staff and students held a rummage sale, whose proceeds will go to the Boys & Girls Club to help families during the holiday season.

Throughout December, students had the option of attending all different types of holiday activities. From ginger bread house decorating, to stocking making, and the annual Moonlight Breakfast put on by faculty and staff—holiday cheer was in the air!

Before next semester starts, take the time to enjoy days spent with family and friends, and appreciate everything around you. Each and every single one of us are so lucky to be able to call Nichols College home, and the people we have met here family.

Jenna McAssey is a Nichols College sophomore majoring in criminal justice and psychology. She interns for the Nichols Office of Marketing and Communications.

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