Third Annual President for a Day


It is almost that time of year again for the third annual President For a Day! This year it is taking place on Tuesday, April 4. President For a Day is an exciting event that takes places here on our campus. The event entails President Engelkemeyer swapping roles with a student, making them President for the day. She will be going to all of the winner’s classes and finding out what a day in their life is like all while the student will be finding out just exactly what it is really like to be the President of a college.

We look forward to seeing the ‘big changes’ this year’s President for the day will make.

The winner for this year is Emily Barden! Emily is a junior majoring in Human Resource Management here at Nichols. She is on the women’s ice hockey team and is a very active member on campus. She will be switching roles with the President next Tuesday. If you see her, be sure to congratulate her! We are excited to hear about all of the exciting things that Emily will do!


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