Criminal Justice Career Fair 2017


On Tuesday, March 21, the Criminal Justice Program held a career fair with many different individuals from many different professions within the Criminal Justice field. The fair included professionals from the Massachusetts State Police, New Hampshire State Police, Worcester Police, Dudley Police, and Department of Border Control to name a few. Everyone introduced themselves and took the time to explain their roles in their specific job field. Each individual was prepared to fully describe their duties and then answer questions that students had.

Although this was more of an informational fair, some recruits informed the students that they were hiring or had internships available. The two jobs mentioned were with the Department of Border Control and the Massachusetts State Police. The Department of Border Control is an agency that protects our nations border. This includes all ports of entry such as air space, roadways and all ports at sea. The recruiter explained that with this agency, jobs are always available and that the application process typically takes 8-12 months. The second place that mentioned they were hiring was the Massachusetts State Police. They hire anyone from the age of 21-35. An individual has to take an exam and then be chosen for the State Police Academy. Once chosen they must make it through the State Police Academy, which was explained by the trooper to be harder than military basic training.

This career fair was extremely well attended, and I personally thought it was very informative. Many students seemed to be interested in at least one of the many career fields that were represented. Keep a look out for emails from the career and Professional Development Center, as to when the next fair will take place!

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