The elections for the 2017-2018 academic year Student Government Association took place just a couple weeks ago. The Student Government Association or SGA represents the undergraduate student body. This group listens to student comments and concerns, plans campus-wide events, and much more. The new SGA has a lot to live up to, as it seemed like there was an event every single day of this semester. Some of my favorite events include paint night, the spring concert, and just a simple pizza party in Fels.

Within SGA there is a main board, which is the Executive Advisory Board or EAB, as well as the Senate, which consists of a board from each class. Each position within the EAB and Senate were open to the student body for election.

The Executive Advisory Board winners are listed below.

President of SGA: Catherine Hoey ’18

Vice President for Student Advocacy: Siobhan Kelleher ’18

Vice President for Business Affairs: Michael Chase Gabor ’18

SGA Vice President of Marketing & Communications: Laura Freeman ’18

Vice President of Academic Affairs: Kristina Maxwell ’18

Social Programing Board President: Kevin Larson ’19


This year’s Senate winners are listed below.

Senior Class Board ’18

President: Taylor Fritze

Vice President: Dylan Casserly

Treasurer: Joseph Slattery

Secretary: Courtney Coleman


Junior Class Board ’19

President: Joyce Salles

Vice President: Marissa Piedmonte

Treasurer: Austin Duvarney

Secretary: Milica Sari


Sophomore Class Board ’20

President: Liam Meagher

Vice President: Samara Hod

Secretary: Antonia Souza

Treasurer: Emily Eagan


If you see them around campus, be sure to congratulate them. We are all very excited to see the great things they will do in the upcoming academic year!

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