Is it your chance to travel?


Have you ever wanted to not only travel but also emerge yourself in a completely different culture? Then you may want to check out the study abroad program! Through the Office for International Engagement, students have the opportunity to study in places such as Thailand to Italy to France. The timeframe could range from a yearlong program to a semester or even just a summer internship! These programs allow students to see and experience the culture of a country unlike your own first-hand.

Studying abroad can give an individual an experience like they have never had before and can open up so many new opportunities. Many universities and colleges abroad integrate their international programs with local students allowing the international student to be able to experience the culture to the fullest. Below are the top five most popular places that students have chosen to study at within the last few years.

1.) Italy: Italy, as many people know, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and has now become a country visited by many young travelers. For some, it is the breathtaking views, delicious food, and homemade wine that sells them. And for others it is the rich history of the Catholic Church and home of the Pope that makes this location a popular pilgrimage and study abroad destination.

2.) Spain: Spain, a place where travelers always have something to do! Whether it is going to fiestas or large gatherings in the square, the culture is something that draws many travelers in (and some even to stay).

3.) France: Whether it is to eat legendary French pastries or experience the thrill of the Eiffel Tower, France is a well-known international travel destination. This country is home to some of the best international universities and is one of the fashion industry’s capitals of the world.

4.) Ireland: The natural beauty and warm welcome of Ireland makes this country an amazing place to study abroad and you may never want to come back! Its rich culture, food, and history makes it feel like you have never left home.

5.) Budapest, Hungary: Although a place many people would not plan on traveling to, Budapest has recently become a popular location among the younger generation. With amazing views, and popular attractions and nightlife, the capital of Hungary (Budapest) is very appealing to students studying abroad.

Among these five popular locations, there are many more countries that host international programs for study abroad students here at Nichols College. If you are interested in studying abroad contact Susan Wayman, Director of the Office for International Engagement or visit for more information. Will you be a part of the next journey? Fortunately, I will be studying abroad next year in Krakow, Poland at Jagiellonian University. I am looking forward to this amazing experience! Stay tuned to find out the destinations and places that I will be visiting!

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