BisonFest 2015: Third is the One with the Treasure Chest

BisonFest 2015 was a success! The seniors came in first, juniors were second, freshmen were third, and sophomores came in fourth. The seniors are so lucky to take home the grand prize of $3,000!

I competed in two games. The first game I competed in was Face the Cookie. Beth Gionfriddo walked around and placed Oreos on our foreheads. The point of the game was to use our face muscles to get the Oreo into our mouths. It was much harder than it sounded. In my attempt, I lost three Oreos and had to start over three times. I ended in third place, but at least I did not come in fourth like the sophomores. I was not too upset because I did get to eat three Oreos.

The second game I participated in was Hanky Panky. The objective of this game was to pull tissues out of the tissue box as fast as possible and until there weren’t any more tissues left. It was going great for me until I thought I had won the game but my hopes were quickly crushed when I realized there were still tissues in the box. Sadly, I again came in third place, but it was so much fun regardless. I really enjoyed the friendly competition and the different, creative games!

After BisonFest came to a close on Sunday, there was a Bicentennial concert with Craig Campbell and Joe Nichols. If you are a country fan, then this was a great concert to attend. Unfortunately, I am not the biggest country fan, but I wanted to attend to have the experience and hang out with my friends. Fortunately, my lack of love for country music did not stop me from trying to sing along! Overall I had a great time!

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