The 2015 Student Leadership Awards

The Student Leadership Awards were held on April 13, 2015. I was nominated for one, along with my fellow class officers and many of my fellow classmates. Nichols College develops leaders and if I had to choose just one important accomplishment to have made after four years at Nichols, it would be the ability to lead others. From my short time here, I can already tell that Nichols will aid me in becoming a great leader.

The night was organized and directed by Beth Gionfriddo, Assistant Director of the Center for Student Involvement. Beth is known all around campus as someone who cares about the students and their involvement on campus. She is amazing at organizing events, and this event showcases that.  As a matter of fact, this year she organized the first ever BisonFest, and it was one of the greatest events I have attended on campus so far.

Before we walked into the award ceremony, PJ Boggio, Dean of Students, and Brian Quinlan, Director of Student Involvement, handed out marbles to all of the students. They told us that we were participating in a surprise for Beth Gionfriddo. The surprise was initiated when Brian asked Beth to stand at the podium; PJ proceeded to present Beth with a very nice vase. Autumn Hicks, SGA President, started the movement by getting up first. Then all of the students followed and placed our own marbles into the vase. Placing a marble in the vase signified that Beth had affected each of our lives in a positive way. Beth was so emotional by this grand gesture, and we could all tell how happy she was. When we all sat down, Brian made a joke, “This was harder to organize than you think considering Beth does everything.” We really do appreciate all that Beth does for us here on the Hill and we are all so lucky to have her!

Here is a list of the awards and winners:

Student Organization of the Year-Anime Club

Program of the Year-2018 Family Fun Fair

Residence Life Social Programmer of the Year-Stephen Chlapowski

Residence Life Educational Programmer of the Year-Amanda-Lee Healy and Alley Euglow

Residence Life Rising Star-Paul Angelucci

Residence Life Unsung Hero-Chad Strattman

RA of the Year-Katie Tupaj

Writing Fellow of the Year-Jess Frank

Tutor of the Year-Ben Davis

Cheryl Alderman Memorial Award-Matt San Clemente

Jimmy Gahan Dedication Award-Anthony Champagne

Rita Gatzke Appreciation Award-Kathy Sandstrom

Emerging Leader Award-Fallonne Fanfan

Outstanding Leader, Class of 2018-Liz Gagnon

Outstanding Leader, Class of 2017-Mary Daly

Outstanding Leader, Class of 2016-Irving Eggleston

Outstanding Leader, Class of 2015-Matt SanClemente

Shining Star Award-Autumn Hicks

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