Caribbean Club Expands and Enlightens


The Caribbean Club has gained tremendous popularity among Nichols College students since it launched last year. This multicultural group is fun and welcoming, and it strives to educate everyone on campus about other ethnicities and backgrounds.

Club President Fallonne Fanfan `18, a finance and accounting double major from Sudbury, Mass., is excited about its expansion and direction. She explained how the club is reaching out toward new cultures and has become more of an ALANA society (African, Latino, American, Native American, and Asian ethnicities). In other words, all walks of life are welcome to join and share their stories about their backgrounds. At a small school like Nichols, it’s important to celebrate our heritages and educate one another on what makes us who we are. Fallonne wants people to understand how our backgrounds influence our character; why people talk, dance, act, and cook the way they do.

Earlier in the semester, the Caribbean Club held a lawn festival that included food and music from many cultures. We can expect more events like this—and even bigger things from the club down the line. Fallonne discussed the possibility of organizing mission trips to struggling countries such as Haiti and Peru. Not only would it be appealing to students whose heritage hails from ALANA ethnicities, but it would also be an exciting volunteer experience for all students. In keeping with the Nichols business mindset, there would be chances to network with businesses based out of such countries.

The Caribbean Club now boasts approximately 60 members—many of whom registered at the College’s recent Student Activities and Club Fair—and continues to increase in diversity. Understanding various heritages is just one more way the Nichols community can expand the horizons of our students.

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