The Students Are Heard


Here on the Hill, staff and faculty are constantly looking for students’ feedback to shape the campus to the wants and needs of students as much as possible.

Just a couple of weeks ago, administration from departments such as Admissions and Residence Life visited each residence hall and chatted with many students, letting students’ voices be heard about anything they wanted to talk about. Concerns varied from wanting certain events back on campus to wanting the campus shuttle to be available more often. Staff members took our suggestions into serious consideration–and some of them are already in the process of being implemented.

When I was in the middle of my college search, I went on many campus tours to get a feel for what each school was all about. No college compared to the feeling I experienced when I stepped on the Nichols College campus. Within minutes of first visiting Nichols, I got that homey, comfortable feel that everyone looks for when moving away from his or her parents for the first time. What’s even better about Nichols is that feeling has never gone away because of actions of the staff and faculty. In my opinion, you won’t find this kind of attention or comfort elsewhere.

One of Nichols’ priorities is to let students’ voices be heard. After administration made their rounds to the residence halls to collect as much feedback as possible, they scheduled yet another meeting to ask the students how they would like to see that feedback taken into action and changed. It’s clear that Nichols really wants to benefit the students now and in the future, which is something I will always admire about Nichols College.

Nichols truly does care.

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