Susan Engelkemeyer, president of Nichols College, is holding the 2nd annual “President for a Day” contest on March 29, 2016. Who among the Nichols study body will have the opportunity to hold the top spot on campus?

With last year’s contest (won by Chad Weeks, who was a senior history major at the time) being such a success, it was inevitable that it would be held again.

You may be wondering, “What does it mean to be a college president for a day?”

Well, it simply means that you take over all the duties of President Engelkemeyer for that day, which includes a presentation to President’s Council members, meetings with senior administration and staff, lunch with friends in the President’s Conference Room, and other various activities. In turn, President Engelkemeyer attends your classes and other on campus commitments for the day.

To apply to be a president for a day, you must fill out an application and attach your resume and a 500-word written essay or video answering the question, “What would be your top-three priorities that would directly impact students if you were appointed president of Nichols College?”

Applicants must be full-time undergraduate students. After the application deadline – which is February 18, 2016 – a selection committee will review each student’s submissions and select a winner.

After a winner is chosen, they receive prizes and rewards for earning the title of “President for a Day.” The winner will:

  1. Assume the role of President for a Day by partaking in meetings and events relating to a presidency;
  2. Receive a catered lunch in the President’s Conference Room or office for the winner and five friends;
  3. Attend a breakfast meeting with President Engelkemeyer to discuss your top three priorities for students; and
  4. Receive a $200 gift certificate to the Nichols College Bookstore.

Many students participate in the chance of being the College’s president for a day. It’s also a reward for students in general because who can say they sat in a class with the president of their institution? It’s a win-win situation, which is why students enjoy it and also appreciate the president always making the effort to interact with the student body.

The application, resume, and essay/video are due on Thursday, February 18th to the President’s Office.

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