Outstanding Students Recognized at Academic Awards Ceremony


On April 19th, students, friends, parents, and professors gathered in Daniels Auditorium to celebrate the Academic Awards Ceremony. Professor Luanne Westerling started with a speech welcoming everyone present and expressing pride for the award-winning students.

The first awards presented were the Edwin L. Hubbard Faculty Scholarships granted to Haroutiun Christopher Sarkisian and Karen Velasco. Following were several department awards and scholarships. Erica Milosh received the English Department award for exceptional contributions to the English Department. Lindsay O’Connell received the Mathematics Department award for excellence in Mathematics.

Professor Armstrong presented the Accounting scholarships. Steven Moutsoulas was awarded the Massachusetts Association of Accountants Scholarship, Raymond Pelter was awarded with the John F. Birch Memorial award, and Martin F. Fletcher received the Class of ’55 John Katori Endowed Scholarship.

Many other honors were granted to students such as the Daniel L. Van Leuvan Memorial Scholarship for education to Zachary Walker. Dr. Gil-Vasquez awarded the Professor Keith Corkum Endowed Scholarships in Economics to Thomas Horner and Matthew Marcantonio. She noted that these two men should be proud considering how difficult it is to love Economics.

The James L. Dunbar Endowed Scholarship in Criminal Justice Management and the ASIS Conference Scholarships were awarded to four students; Stephen Chlapowski, Michael Cutrer, Megan Faulkner, and Carmen Garcia. The James C. Gahan IV Endowed Scholarship was received by Alexandra Vojtila.

Dr. Kellie Deys then presented the Honors Scholar Certificates to twenty-four seniors. These honors students have maintained a 3.2 or above GPA throughout their college experience and have completed seven special honors courses.

Director of the Academic Resource Center, Marissa Loon, presented the Academic Peer Tutor Certifications to 26 student tutors. Level one certifications were awarded to thirteen students and ten students received level two certifications. The level three certification was given to Ben Davis, Jamie Miglionico, and Katelyn Tupaj.

The First-Year PDS Teaching Assistant Award was accepted by Amber Tariq for her bright and positive teaching style and constant availability to students in the course. Following was the presentation of the Peregrine Business Examination Certificates for outstanding scores on the exam. The certificates were awarded to Ben Davis, Cory Forrest Grenon, and Aimee Maldonado.

Professor Paul Lambert inducted four students into the Phi Alpha Theta national honor society for high student achievement in the study of history. The latest inductees were Matthew Campbell, Jacob Foley, Brendan Martin, Riley Tebbetts.

After all the accolades had been awarded to each deserving student, Professor Westerling closed the ceremony with final congratulatory remarks and welcomed the attendees to stay, mingle, and enjoy some refreshments.

Congratulations to all award recipients and honor society inductees!

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