Upcoming Events You Don’t Want to Miss


As everyone arrives back from spring break, the second half of the semester is beginning. The year has flown by and aside from all of the studying, there are also a lot of events and activities happening around campus throughout the month of April!

One event that is well known around campus is the elevator speech competition. This is a competition where students stand up in front of a panel of judges and recite their prepared elevator speech. An elevator speech itself is a short and clear pitch about you and is typically around thirty seconds to one minute. The first, second and third place winners receive cash prizes. Last year’s winner was Zack Pena, class of 2019—he won $400. The date of this year’s competition is April 10! Come out to support your fellow Bison, or maybe even enter the competition yourself!

On April 11, a campus wide event will be taking place—Bison Give Back Day. This is a day in which the Nichols community gives back to the surrounding community. Students, faculty and staff all take part in this activity as they go to different locations around Dudley and surrounding areas and serve the community. We recommend that students take this opportunity as a chance to participate in community service. For more information about volunteering at this event, contact the Student Government Association (located on the third floor of Fels)!

Lastly, a time of year that Every student looks forward to is spring week(end), now known as BisonFest! This is a weekend that is very popular among the student body. It is a time in which the students come together and celebrate being a Bison! Classes compete in class games to earn points. There are so many types of games and events to earn points as different events occur throughout the entire week. Last year the seniors won the games, so stay tuned to see who the winners are for this year, and get involved in some of the games to help your class win!

The three events I mentioned are among the many events that happen here on campus every single day! For more information on when and what events are taking place, keep a look out for the weekly Bison Beat or check out the Nichols student portal!


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